“Ranging from a series of insightful vignettes to short-form essays, the book’s format suits Ruebner’s writing style well. Ruebner relies on several entry points into Israel’s legal treatment of Palestinian people and land, and his essays on the peace process, political leadership, Israeli settlements, and U.S.-Israeli relations are informative overviews on each topic. Ruebner’s ability to incorporate in-depth research and statistics into each chapter while keeping his writing accessible and without getting bogged down in excessive details is perhaps the strongest feature of Israel: Democracy or Apartheid State?. Ruebner’s writing here is factual, clear, and thoughtful.”

Stephen Bennett (read the full review in Palestine Square)

“It is a valuable addition to the literature about Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It offers useful information and a concise summary of the history of an incessant conflict that may threaten world peace, as well as elucidations of many key terms. Hopefully it will expand and inform the discussion around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and provide important food for thought for readers of any persuasion. The question the author asks is important, and the painful answer is something to reckon with.”

-Michal Allon (read the full review in Middle East Media and Book Reviews Online)

“Full of insights, useful historical information and sidebars for Palestinian rights campaigners.”

-Rod Such (read the full review in Electronic Intifada)