“A most informative, brilliant and honest presentation. Josh framed the Israeli/Palestinian conflict with poignant historical facts and truly educated us about U.S foreign policy in the Middle East.”

-Mike Abel, DelNATO( Delaware Neighbors Against the Occupation), Wilmington, DE

Josh gave a “genuinely enthralling and informative speech.”

Riad Alarian, President, George Washington University Students for Justice in Palestine

“I have lead over 20 Christian pilgrimages to Israel and Palestine in the last 15 years.  I never understood the compromised position of the United States until I heard Mr. Ruebner speak and read his book.  It was excellent and enlightening.”

Father John Conrad, All Saints’ Episcopal Church, Riverside, CA

Josh’s “presentation was so concise, straightforward, intelligent and substantiated that even the Zionists didn’t know what to say.”

Zeyad El Omari, President, Students for Justice in Palestine, University of Wisconsin

“Josh Ruebner gives a brief, yet fascinating, overview of the history of the Middle East and how this background led to the current untenable situation in Palestine/Israel. He then provides insight into Obama’s understanding of — and apparent intolerance for — the injustice and inhumanity of the Israeli occupation, followed by an explanation of how his presumed empathy for the Palestinians was pushed aside in favor of political expediency.”

Joanne Heisel, Committee for Palestinian Rights, Howard County, MD

“The National Lawyers Guild was pleased to have Mr. Ruebner join us at our Regional Conference at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute.  His presentation was eye-opening, even for many of us who believed we understood the context of the Israeli-Palestinian situation.  What we came to learn through his presentation of fact after fact after fact is that the Israeli treatment of Palestinians is nothing short of shocking and inhumane.  We learned that the western media does not even begin to cover the horrors that the Israeli government commits against the people of Palestine.  Mr. Ruebner’s book and his presentation are indispensable for an understanding of the tragic treatment and suffering of Palestinians.  Prepare to be shocked by what you learn, but also be prepared to learn that once we understand what is really going on there, genuine solutions become possible.”

– Alistair McKenzie, National Lawyers Guild Regional VP for the South

“Josh provided detailed and disturbing insight into Obama’s agenda regarding the current situation in occupied Palestine. If every American knew how much money Obama is sending in our tax dollars to support the Israeli military in order to suppress the Palestinian people, I think they would have an entirely different opinion of the conflict.”

-Shelby Minister, Coordinator, San Jose Peace & Justice Center, San Jose, CA

“Josh is a storyteller, exuding with passion for the players in this unfortunate tale, having in-depth knowledge of the events.  I wish more people could listen to what he is saying.”

Rukhsana Rahman, Mid-East Justice and Peace Group of South Central Pennsylvania

“Josh’s talk was excellent, clear, accessible — and so well-organized that afterwards it was easy to remember his key points. He’s a whiz at demystifying the seemingly-intimidating subject of U.S. foreign policy.”

-Penny Rosenwasser, Ph.D., Middle East Children’s Alliance, Berkeley, CA

“Through critical and objective analysis, Josh Ruebner exposes the truth of Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land, providing a beautiful breakdown of history regarding Israeli policy and the biased involvement of the United States.”

-Ifrah Sheikh, President, Students for Justice in Palestine, University of Southern California

“Ruebner’s Shattered Hopes indicts Obama for his spineless attempts in securing justice for Palestinians. Ruebner also invites thoughtful Americans to keep cracking the dikes in Washington and keep chipping away at the apartheid regime in Tel Aviv until Palestine is free.”

-Shakeel Syed, National Board Member, American Muslims for Palestine

“We see criticisms of U.S. involvement in Israel/Palestine in the media, of course, but after hearing Josh Ruebner’s presentation, I realize that that is the tip of the iceberg.  His analysis is right on.  His talk was just as informative to people who are new to the issue as it was to those who have devoted their lives to it.  Above all, I was impressed with his ability to highlight the relevance of this information to people from very diverse political and religious backgrounds.  A presentation of this calibre is hard to come by.”

-Vicki Tamoush, peace activist, Tustin, California

“Josh Ruebner, veteran scholar and activist, has written a powerful expose of Obama’s failure to broker Middle East Peace. He gives a very polished, articulate and well informed presentation that helps us to think outside the box of the so-called ‘peace process’.  His speaking tour has made huge waves nationally, as more and more people are beginning to realize that change depends on us, through actions like BDS. We can’t afford to wait any longer for a breakthrough from our “diplomats”, most of whom have deep ties to the Israel lobby. We cannot afford to wait on politicians who make noises about a two state solution, but then go on to veto perfectly reasonable Security Council resolutions against the illegal settlements. South Africa shows us the way forward: it took citizen action to finally break through the diplomatic logjam that kept apartheid going. A voice like Josh’s is needed now more than ever before.”

-Jason Weeks, activist, People for Justice in Palestine, Iowa City, Iowa