Antonelli Weighs In with His Picks

Arlington Sun Gazette

Political Notes

October 16, 2006

ANTONELLI WEIGHS IN WITH HIS PICKS: Yes, civic activist John Antonelli at times amuses us, and he often says what some of us feel but can’t say (this includes Democrats as well as Republicans).

So, we’ll excerpt some of his endorsements, sent in a recent letter to the paper.

U.S. Senate: Antonelli goes for George Allen, a “known entity” and “consensus-builder.” He says Jim Webb is “at best a political opportunist who in a temper tantrum switched parties.”

U.S. House: None of the above. “Jim Moran is an embarrassment to the district, the Republican is a non-entity and Jim Hurysz is a whack job.” He wrote in “Angelo Pastorelli,” a character based on Antonelli in the series of “Jane Barcroft” mystery novels.

County Board: Antonelli goes for Green Party candidate Josh Ruebner. “While [Chris] Zimmerman is not the first board member I would like to see gone – Walter Tejada wins that award – all it will take for the County Board to stop taking the citizens for granted will be for one of them to lose an election. The Republican is again a non-entity. Ruebner, though way too liberal for me, does have the right idea on silly, high-dollar vanity projects like the [Columbia Pike] trolley and has rightly attacked the County Board on their hypocrisy on . . . affordable housing and social-service spending.”

Antonelli also supports Cecelia Espenoza for School Board, is against the gay-marriage amendment and will vote against all five county bond referendums.

So there you go.

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