The West Bank and Gaza Strip are not Israel, Sen. Cotton


Quick, somebody hand Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) an atlas, because he is in desperate need of a geography lesson.

Last year, the junior senator from Arkansas bumbled into the foreign policy arena by directly appealing in an open letter to Iran’s leadership to join him in a campaign to undermine the Obama administration’s nuclear negotiations. This brazen evisceration of the separation of powers was termed “mutinous” by a former major general.

This time around, Cotton has waded into the depths of the Israeli-Palestinian issue and quickly finds himself in over his head in another quixotic bid to usurp the executive branch’s foreign policy decision-making prerogatives.

On Feb. 1, Cotton introduced S. 2474, a bill that would enable Israeli settlement goods produced in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian West Bank (including East Jerusalem) to be exported to the United States, inaccurately labeled as “Made in Israel.”

Read more in The Hill.

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